At the present time we have workshops available for schools and groups. workshops teach, coordination, teamwork and release artistic potential.
At the current moment I am doing some research into special shows for schools and libraries. "Well," you ask "If your still only researching them why is this page here?". My answer is that as well as studying the curriculum and interviewing teachers I am also very interested in your feedback and ideas.
At the moment the shows could either be based around areas of the curriculum or they could be about non-curriculum subjects such as bullying, environment, drugs or a moral message.
The shows will be entertaining as well as informative and will be a good way to get a memorable message across. If you are a teacher or run a group and think these services will be of use to you. Please help by filling out the form below so we can shape our package to meet your needs.


Educational Entertainment Market Research Form:

What general area do you think the performances should cover?

Outside the curriculum

Which curriculum subjects would benefit from an educational performance?

English Lit
Local History
Technology & Design


Which areas outside the curriculum would you appreciate being covered?

Drug Awareness
Environment Issues
Safety in the Home
Stranger Awareness


Do you think it appropriate for such issues to be taught and discussed using the following performance mediums ?(tick for yes)

Circus Skills
Balloon Modeling

Have you used a service like this in the past? (tick for yes)

If yes was it successful?

Would you be interested in viewing some information about our educational entertainment packages when they're available?

In what context do you work within children's education?

Additional Information:


On hitting the submit your answers are sent to me via e-mail if you would prefer not to use the survey feel free to simply e-mail me your thoughts and ideas on the subject.