Magic George is a character. "Yeah, we know that" I hear you cry but what I mean is that Magic George is a part acted by himself for his shows. Although his family and friends may argue that there's not that much difference between him and his everyday persona, it's a fact that the way Magic George reacts to situations and the way he presents himself are all carefully created for maximum entertainment value.
He approachs all jobs, where he has to play a part, very seriously, whether it be a crazy cowboy or a silent film star, he researches the role and works on how to present the character for maximum effect. This can be said for all artists that you can hire through the Aardvark Balloon Company.

Some of the roles George has assumed::

  • Magic George
  • Gargoyle
  • Club Orange Man
  • Raucous Cowboy
  • Stan Laural
  • Mad Professor
  • Superhero
  • Clown
  • Italian Chef

Magic Show

Table Hopping
Treasure Hunts
Educationa Ent.

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